Tuesday, March 12, 2013

News from Long Beach

Como estas?  This transfer the zone leader responsabilities have really taken up a lot of time.  I'm not in the same stake that we meet with because the Spanish stake that we are a part of is outside of our mission.  We meet with the Stake President of the Cypress stake as apposed to the one for the Santa Ana Sur stake.  He has a way to get the whole stake more focused on missionary work and making it the "culture" of the stake.  He is going around to every ward during wark council and sharing this plan he has. 

One of the coolest things to do is to learn how Christ taught, or the Apostles and then mimic it in a lesson or a contact and feel the Spirit work throught you because you take on a better mind set and incorporate different attributes of Christ, which allows the Spirit to work.  I am really starting to realize how to love and show love.  I'm not perfect but its getting better.  I realized it a lot this week as I was saying bye to people because tomorrow I get transfered to Whittier after being here for 6ish months.  I will be with my MTC companion Elder Fife so im excited about that.  I don't know my new address yet but I'm still a zone leader and I'm still in a car but I think we will be biking because it's a small area.   You can still write me at the address to the right and I will get the letters.

This week was a good week.  I went on an exchange with Elder George this past week.  His heart is in the right place and he has been doing well.  He has a good sense of being able to tell when things are working smoothly and when they are not.  He has the desire to always do his best and he knows why he is out here.  The Martinez family is doing great!  I gave the kids some HLJ (CTR) rings.  this past transfer we have had the opportunity to give many blessings to the Sisters.  It's always tough to leave an area but it helps me see the love I really have for those I have served and helps me feel and understand the purpose of a missionary better.  It does cause me to feel like I wish I could have done more but I like to turn that into motivation for the next transfer.  I'm excited to be with Elder Fife and hope to teach some families in Whittier!!!
Elder Frost

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