Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last Mother's Day phone call from the mission!

I cant wait to call home on Mother's Day!! The last phone call of the mission!

This week was a good week as always!  I was getting a bit sick at the beginning of the week but I'm feeling better now. We had a ward talent show this weekend and that cause us to give a lot of extra unexpected service.   So this week we didn't do too much teaching.  I've been making the best of what is thrown at me and I'm having fun with Elder Olson.  I hope that we get some teaching done this week.  I just feel like I'm accomplishing more when I'm teaching.  Knocking doors isn't too effective in this area because there are just better things to do with your time.  I have been getting to know some of our ward members really well as they feed us dinners (which we have almost every night) and as we visit with them.  I was on exchanges with Elder Manwill this past week and that was awesome!  We were able to do some good 'ol hard work.  We contacted a lot of people and had some good lessons!  Elder Manwill has a great mindset for missionary work.  Elder Olson is different than any of my other companions.  We are friends and we have fun together!
Your words this week are exactly what I needed and right on time! :)  We helped clean up the grounds of the local veteran's hospital and we did wear the yellow vests, haha.
Until next week,
Elder Frost