Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This week was a really good week and the excitement and faith and hope that I have for next transfer just makes it better!  I feel that with transfers and the changes that will be taking place will help this ward turn around and that we will see a lot of success in these next 6 week!!  I'm super pumped!!  we didn't get to go by and see Sylvia this week.  It is a big bummer because of how close she is to baptism.  I hope to stop by this week.  John is doing really well!  He is reading in the Book of Mormon and we had a church tour with him this week.  We set a date with him for the 29 of this month!  I had a cool experience where my bike tire popped right next to my ear but I didn't suffer any hearing problems.  Divine intervention?  I think so!! :)  Elder Manwill and I went on exchanges again.  I love going on exchanges with Elder Manwill. We always have awesome spiritual experiences and this time we had an experience with the power of prayer and listening to the Spirit.  During this experience the Lord blessed us with help instead of us blessing the person we came in contact with.  It was really cool!  I'm looking forward to helping out the new district and trying to get the work bolting forward! :)

So we do a lot of service.  We pull weeds,  clean peoples yards, things like that.  We have helped people move too.   

I was "baptized" into a family here. They put
powder on your head.  It was pretty cool.

We do have transfers this Tuesday.  I will get a new companion!!  His name is Elder Plewe.  I will be back-up training him and I was called to be a district leader too.  There are 15 missionaries in my district (including me)!  That's a lot,  that's as big as some of our zones!  Two are sister missionaries and two are a senior couple and two are me and my comp.  That leaves me with 9 Elders that I will need to go on exchanges with and I need to go on one with a zone leader, so that's 10 exchanges this transfer (6 weeks)!  That's a lot! I'm excited for it!!  Other than that everything is the same.  I'm in the same ward, same area, same house.   So it should be a good, busy transfer!  yay!

It's awesome to hear about how you think of us all the time and that we are actually in the white shirts, ties, and black name tag.  It is kind of unreal, when you look back on it, having three sons serving missions at the same time, and then to think that it is almost over for one of us is even crazier!! haha.  Thank you for your prayers :)

Elder Noah Frost

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